The Best Careers for your Personality Types

It’s always fascinating to ask questions. Out of them, the question “What kind of career suits my personality type” is one of the most interesting. What if there is some way to know our personality and by extension, the profession which suits us better. Well there are many online psychic tests which can determine your personality. For this blog I will use Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test which is used in many top notch companies to assess your personality and the kind of job that fits you there. We can divide it into broadly four categories using variables like Energy, Thinking, Values and Life Style.
Energy Style: There are roughly two kinds Extroverts and Introverts, sometimes they can overlap. Extroverts like working with other people and teams where people tend to be more. Introverts like working independently and prefer calm and quiet places. They cannot jel within a team.
Thinking Style: Based on your thinking, or the things you like to work with there are two types Sensors and Intuitives. Sensors like to work with concrete things(things that can be physical, measured) like people, data and machines. Intuitives like working with abstract(things that cannot be measured, defined) things like ideas, theories and possibilities.
Values Style: Depending on the values you care for, there are Thinkers and Feelers. Thinkers want their talent, knowledge and skills to be used and excel at them. Feelers want theirs skills to be used for helping other people.
Life Style: Based on the life styles, you would fit into Judgers and Perceivers. Judges like order, structured organizations, more of a discipline thing whereas Perceivers like flexibility and chaos, they don’t like authority and being disciplined.

You might fit into any category or into different categories that overlap. Choosing a career based on your personality might benefit you in the future, but it is not a compulsion to choose your careers based on personality. You can venture new paths, find new discoveries, etc..,

Below is an infographic which explains in detail where do you fit…

The Best Careers for your Personality Types
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