1. Which allows you to create a derived class that inherits properties from more than one base class?
A. Multilevel inheritance
B. Multiple inheritance
C. Hybrid Inheritance
D. Hierarchical Inheritance

2. Which feature in OOP allows reusing code?
A) Polymorphism
B) Inheritance
C) Encapsulation
D) Data hiding

3. A function that changes the state of the cout object is called a(n) _____
A. member
B. adjuster
C. manipulator
D. operator

4. What does C++ append to the end of a string literal constant?
A. a space
B. a number sign (#)
C. an asterisk (*)
D. a null character

5.An array element is accessed using
A. a first-in-first-out approach
B. the dot operator
C. a member name
D. an index number

6. To hide a data member from the program, you must declare the data member in the _____ section of the class
A. concealed
B. confidential
C. hidden
D. private
E. restricted

7. External documentation includes
A. a printout of the program's code
B. flowcharts
C. IPO charts
D. pseudo code
E. All of the above

8. The function whose prototype is void getData(Item *thing); receives
A. a pointer to a structure
B. a reference to a structure
C. a copy of a structure
D. nothing

9. Null character needs a space of
A. zero bytes
B. one byte
C. three bytes
D. four bytes

10. The number of structures than can be declared in a single statement is
A. one
B. two
C. three
D. unlimited

11. Which of the following formulas can be used to generate random integers between 1 and 10?
A. 1 + rand() % (10 - 1 + 1)
B. 1 + (10 - 1 + 1) % rand()
C. 10 + rand() % (10 - 1 + 1)
D. 10 + rand() % (10 + 1)

12. Format flags may be combined using the _____
A. bitwise OR operator (|)
B. logical OR operator (||)
C. bitwise AND operator (&)
D. logical AND operator (&&)

13. Which of the following will store the number 320000 as a Float number?
A. counPop = (float) 3.2e5;
B. counPop = (float) 3.2e6;
C. counPop = (float) .32e5;
D. counPop = (float) .32e7;

14.The arguments that determine the state of the cout object are called
A. classes
B. manipulators
C. format flags or state flags
D. state controllers

15. The following statement where T is true and F is false T&&T||F&&T
A. is true
B. is false
C. is wrong
D. not applicable in C language

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