Q1. Which of the following is Class C IP address?

Q2. You have an IP of with a subnet mask of 7 bits. How many hosts and subnets are possible?
A. 126 hosts and 510 subnets
B. 128 subnets and 512 hosts
C. 510 hosts and 126 subnets
D. 512 subnets and 128 hosts

Q3. Two sub layers of OSI Data Link layer are which of the following?
A. Logical Link Control
B. Data Link Control
C. Media Access Control
D. Physical Layer Control

Q4. Match the following:
A. Repeaters 1. Data Link Layer
B. Bridges 2. Network Layer
C. Routers 3. Physical Layer
Select the best combination:
A. A —>2, B—>3, C—>1
B. A—>3, B—->1, C—->2
C. A—>3,B—–>2, C—->1
D. A—->1, B—->2, C—->3

Q5. Which of the following are session layer standards?

Q6. Match the corresponding layers of ISO and DoD models?
DoD Model <———> ISO OSI Model
A. Process/Application 1. Application
B. Host-to-Host 2. Presentation
C. Internet 3. Session
D. Network Access 4. Transport
5. Network
6. Data Link
7. Physical
Choose best choice:
A. A->1+2; B->3+4; C->5; D->6+7
B. A->1+2+3; B->4; C->5; D->6+7
C. A->1+2+3; B->4; C->5+6; D->7
D. A->1+2+3; B->4+5; C->6; D->7

Q7. What is the command used to add a banner to a Cisco router configuration?
A. add banner
B. banner motd #
C. motd banner #
D. add banner #

Q8. What is the default administrative distance for RIP?
A. 100
B. 120
C. 0
D. 200

Q9. The Cisco Catalyst 1900 switches support which three LAN switch types?
A. Store-and-Forward
B. FragmentFree
C. InstaSwitch
D. FastForward

Q10. Which is true regarding VLANs?
A. VLAN technology uses VLAN switches which is a substitute for routing technology which uses routers.
B. A VLAN has same collision domain
C. A VLAN has same broadcast domain
D. VLANs are less secure with respect to simple switch or Hub networks.

Q11. Your internet work consists entirely of Cisco devices. You have given a command “show cdp neighbors”. In the response, you get “S” under the head “Capability”. What does the letter “S” mean?
A. It means “Source Route Bridge”
B. It means “Host”
C. It means “Switch”
D. It means “Static”

Q12. You want to verify the encapsulation type being used at Data Link layer for interface s0. Which command can you use?
A. Sh ip protocol
B. sh int s0
C. sh ip interface
D. sh processes

Q13. You want to run 802.2 frame type on your Ethernet interface. Which encapsulation type has to be chosen?
A. Ethernet_II
B. 802.2

Q14. What does -1 signify in an extended IPX access list?
A. permit this host
B. deny this host
C. permit only this subnet
D. any host or any network

Q15. Which command sequence will allow only traffic from network to enter interface s0?
A. access-list 25 permit int s0 ; ip access-list 25 out
B. access-list 25 permit int s0 ; ip access-group 25 out
C. access-list 25 permit int s0 ; ip access-list 25 in
D. access-list 25 permit int s0 ; ip access-group 25 in

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