1.Which of the following is NOT a valid image file type?
A. .png
B. .rst
C. .jpg
D. .bmp

2.Which event handler would be applied to a button to activate some event when the button is pressed?
A. onclick
B. onpress
C. onsubmit
D. onmouseover

3.Which style property would you use to convert an inline level element to block level?
A. display: block;
B. element-level: block;
C. position: block;
D. layout: block;

4.Which property would be applied to an element to rotate it on its center point?
A. transition: rotate(90deg)
B. position: rotate(90deg)
C. adjust: rotate(90deg)
D. transform: rotate(90deg)

5.Which MySQL command will select all the records from a table named “students” where the value of the field “course” is “Biology”?
A. SELECT EACH FROM ‘students’ where course=’Biology’;
B. SELECT * FROM ‘students’ where course =’Biology’;
C. GET ALL FROM “students’ where field= course;
D. IMPORT * FROM ‘students’ where course =’Biology’;

6.Which of the following is considered a server side scripting language?
A. JavaScript

7.Consider the code segment shown to the right. Javascript statement is properly written to modify the background color of the article element?
A. document.body.article.style.backgroundColor=”#ff0000”
B. document.getElementById(“news”).style.bgColor=”#ff0000”
C. document.body.article.bgColor=”#ff0000”
D. document.getElementById(“news”).style.backgroundColor=”#ff0000”

8.If you wanted to round the corners of a block element, which style property would you apply?
A. border:
B. border-arc:
C. border-deg:
D. border-radius:

9. What significant contribution did Tim Burners-Lee make to the web design industry?
A. He invented the JavaScript language.
B. He invented HTML.
C. He developed the Netscape web browser.
D. He invented cascading style sheets.

10.Which style rule would apply a transparent background color to an element?
A. background-transparency: 0.5;
B. rgba(255, 255, 0, 0.5);
C. opacity: 0.5;
D. background-alpha: 0.5;

11. If you wanted to remove the underline from a link, which style property would you use?
A. underline: none;
B. text-underline: 0px;
C. text-decoration: none;
D. border-bottom: 0px;

12.Which of the following is the most common operating system used by webservers?
A. Windows
B. Mac OS
C. Android
D. Linux

13. What is a layer as it relates to images?
A. An individual element of an image.
B. A selected region of the image.
C. The part of the image that was cut away.
D. The color level of the image.

14. Which php function will attach one file to another?
A. link(“file.php”);
B. include(“file.php”);
C. import(“file.php”);
D. request(“file.ph");

15.Which pseudo element would apply a style to the first instance of the paragraph element when it is applied as child to another element regardless of any other child elements that might precede it in its paraent container?
A. p:nth-child {}
B. p:first-of-type {}
C. p:first-child {}
D. p:before {}

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