How A Bad Email Affects Productivity

Email is familiar. It is comfortable. It is easy to use.

Technology evolves every occupation and now requires a basic level of literacy with web navigation, Email access and participation in social media. The best remote companies do almost everything online, via Email and telephone.

It is quite sickening to know that most of the time, through phone calls and through Emails, someone wants something of you or we want something from someone.

How a Bad Email Affects Productivity

Thanks to Skype, meetings are possible across the country. Thanks to Emails, communications are simple. Everyone feels harassed by Email, which has invaded their waking and sleeping hours.

Email keeps us hand cuffed to our phones and computers. It is just like a viral epidemic. It has turned into an out of control situation. We use Email for everything related to communication and collaboration to at work. Its widespread reach is both its greatest strength and biggest weakness.

People live too much of their lives on Email or internal text messages. But, sometimes it might turn out to be the biggest killer of time, mood and productivity because of the word it carries.

Email, instant messaging and cell phones build a wonderful communication. But, that communication is totally shattered when an employee gets a ‘warning mail’ now and then from the HR, for any of his silly mistakes.

One fine morning, when an employee comes to office with some fresh and novel ideas, he is totally devastated when he finds a ‘warning mail’ in his official inbox. The impact of the word, ‘warning’ is very much ravaging. It makes all his innovations to come to a standstill.

A blink of that single word, ‘warning’ as the subject of an e-mail can bring down the mood, creativity and even the goodness of an employee.

The ripples created by such mails will not bring out the much expected positive changes among the employees. It rather kindles the wrath and fire of the staff. A simple pat on the shoulders of the employees will work out more wonders than these ‘warning’ or ‘caution’ mails. Of course, the employees are also human beings with sentiments and feelings.

Strict and harsh words through mails, make the employees resentful and angry. A resentful, angry employee is less likely to put all of his energy into his job and many even look for a different job. Stressed- out employees perform their job less well and have less energy and less productivity.

Florida state survey states that employees consider their work environment more important than pay level, meaning that they would leave a job with a bad work environment for a low-paying job with a good work environment.

a Bad Email Affects Productivity

Ruling through ‘warning’ and ‘caution’ mails, even for the silly mistakes of the employees will create negativity, a climate of anxiety, fear and frustration in them. Such a scenario might ensure that none steps out of line. It also ensures that employees won’t bring up new ideas for the fear of being ‘warned’ and won’t be honest about problems, which will limit what your entire team is able to accomplish.

Gentle words are like summer rains. They soothe your heart and banish pain. Yes, employees want summer rains and not threatening thunders.

Gentle words, quiet words are often the most powerful words.

“As Mahatma Gandhi says, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world”. Let us be gentle, let us be quiet”.
Let us find gentle synonyms for the harsh words that we use.

Raise your words, not your voice! It is rain that makes flowers to bloom, not thunder!

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