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Team Work: No man is an island. Everyone needs the help of somebody at one stage or the other. For building a team spirit in a company, everyone should start feeling that they are the part of a team. Team members should gel with each other in such a way that there is no more ‘ me, myself ’. Only ‘ we, ourself ’ should be there. Team members should stand together. Do not encourage splits or selfishness anywhere within the team. Selfishness sends negative vibrations within the organization.

The happiness of a home or organization depends upon the team spirit of its members. Even the most individualized profession in this world needs the help and cooperation of someone or the other. Every member of the team should think that their job is just a part of the team work. None should build boundaries within a team. They should think and act for the team as a whole
A company’s culture also contributes to the teamwork and team spirit. Firms that encourage open, honest communication and fosters healthy interaction with its employees can expect their employee’s cooperation and teamwork.

If the communication of the company is open and transparent, the communication of the employees will also be transparent.

Team spirit also depends upon the characters of the individuals. In a team, when some people want to be lonely players while others want to play in groups. However the not-so-good character of one individual can affect the spirit of the team. So, while hiring the company should see to it that the candidates have the traits teamwork.

Team Work

Team Work

A Good team is one in which every member thinks that it is his or her job to pitch in and play his/ her role play to contribute to the overall success of the team. Teams are not born. They are built.

A company should hire people who fit into the team culture of the company. A company can assess the applicant’s parameters and traits through its interviews and pre employment assessments.

Every employee should be aware of the company’s goals and plans. Employees should be part the strategic planning process. This motivates them and make them work towards reaching the goals.

Keep the communication channels open. Open communication between the team members and the management is important. Suggestions and ideas from the team members should also be valued for achieving the goals of the team.

The integrity and oneness of the team should be protected. Any conflict between the team members should be solved as soon as possible.
We can expect the team member’s best performances only when their individual contributions to the team are recognized and appreciated.

Give your team mates good pep talk everyday. Always tell them that they can do it. This will do wonders.
Encourage your team mate’s now and then for their best performances. If someone messes up also, tell them it’s okay.

Give everyone an opportunity to do something, even if they always mess up.
Learn the skill of complimenting each team mate. And let them they are doing a good job.
Try to brighten the spirit, if someone is feeling down.
Be in a team always. Unity is strength.
Teamwork makes the dream work.
Team work. …. Divides the task and
Multiplies the success


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