A Letter to a young Graduate from his Father

I am thinking you would be very happy, on your graduation day receiving full of accolades and recognitions, proud that you have achieved something. By all means celebrate your graduation. Now you are entering from one competitve world(Academic) into other (WorkForce), To put it bluntly you are moving from security and comfort of life( given by your parents) to insecurity of life as Jobseeker. So it is also a time of reflection, not just celebrating. Here is my advice to you

A Letter to a young Graduate from his Father


Have a Little Perspective

As you will come to know slowly, Life is messy and Confusing. The only thing that makes you successful is attitude and perspective, that is the only difference between a successful, happy and unsuccessful people. Embrace challenges, learn from them, change your beliefs, perspectives and attitudes along the way. Don’t be too hard on yourself. We are imperfect people in an imperfect world. Remember perception matters.

Have Faith

In the near future, sometimes you might feel like What is Happening with you ? Everything will be so confusing, you can’t trust yourself or people around you. At such times, all you need is Faith, believing that Everything works out for Good in the End. So have patience and calm yourself.

Life is about People

Life is about people, not job Titles. Family and Friends are worth more than anything. As you get old, you will realize that. While some short term successes are built at the expense of others or back of others, In the end any sustainable achievements are built on the success they have created for others. If you do right for people, things will take care of themselves.


Success means different for different people. Every one has their own definition of success, Don’t get deceived by the success of others. Find out what success means for you, and try as best as possible for your success.

Never Stop Learning

The moment you stop learning, you stop growing and oppurtunities will pass away from you to others. Always look to learning and refine your thinking. Life is about Learning and Growing.


Live below your Means.

Purchasing something which you cannot afford, only leads to that thing repossessed by someone else. You cannot concentrate or give your best when you have thoughts of debt to be paid to someone. It is not your friend. So be careful, while spending. Always live below your means.

Any Job

There is no such thing as good job or bad job, It’s just a job, you learn from it, and you move onto something else or next thing. So any job is a job, it’s step in the right direction. The most important skill you can learn is the ability to Adapt, you will know about the culture of organizations, you will learn skills which are necessary in any organisation.

Do Better Each Day

Don’t complain of the things happening to you, they just happen. But trying to be better, at doing things each day gives you more progress than complaining about things.

I hope these things will help you, for I have learned them during my lifetime.

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