1. Which one is the MySQL database password?
(a) mydbserver
(b) guest
(c) pass
(d) connection

2. Which parameter is mandatory to be included in mysql_connect function?
(a) Host name
(b) MySQL password
(c) MySQL username
(d) Domain name

3.What will be displayed if connection to database cannot be established?
(a) Message „or die‟ will be displayed.
(b) Message „mydbserver‟, „guest‟, „pass‟ will be displayed.
(c) Blank page. No output will be displayed.
(d) Message „Unable to connect‟ will be displayed

4.Which field is suitable to be the primary key?
(a) pdob
(b) pgender
(c) pname
(d) pid

5.Which MySQL data type is suitable for field pid?
(b) DATE

6.Given: SELECT * FROM movies, roles WHERE movies.mid = roles.mid; What are movies and roles?
(a) databases
(b) fields
(c) relationships
(d) tables

7.Which SQL statement changes the value of the field „The Maltese Falcon‟ to „Maltese Falcon, The‟?
(a) UPDATE movies SET mtitle= „The Maltese Falcon‟ WHERE mtitle=„Maltese Falcon,The‟;
(b) CHANGE movies SET mtitle= „Maltese Falcon,The‟ WHERE mtitle= „The Maltese Falcon‟;
(c) UPDATE movies SET mtitle= „Maltese Falcon, The‟ WHERE mtitle= „The Maltese Falcon‟;
(d) CHANGE movies SET mtitle= „The Maltese Falcon‟ WHERE mtitle= „Maltese Falcon,The‟;

8.The built-in PHP function ___________ is used to collect values in a form with method= “post”.
(a) $_GET
(b) $_POST
(c) &_POST
(d) $POST

9. Which of the following is NOT a valid PHP variable?
(a) $48hrs
(b) $popeye
(c) $one_day

10.SQL offers the _________ clause to order data from table by a specified field.

11.Which of the following statement is FALSE when describing about PHP?
(a) PHP source code is freely available on the web.
(b) PHP can be running on UNIX platform only.
(c) PHP allows developer to embed commands in regular HTML pages.
(d) Variables names in PHP are case-sensitive.

12. A basic DELETE SQL statement has the form DELETE FROM XYZ WHERE criteria in which xyz is the:
(a) Field name
(b) Table name
(c) Data name
(d) Variable

13.Which of the following is WRONG when describing about XML?
(a) XML is designed to transport and store data.
(b) XML is designed to display data.
(c) XML allows the authors to define their own tags and document structure.
(d) XML data is stored in plain text format.

14.Which statements are TRUE when describing about XML rules?
I. XML elements must be properly nested
II. XML tags are case sensitive
III. XML documents must have a root tag
(a) I and II
(b) II and III
(c) I and III
(d) All of the above

15. Which is NOT a correct name for an XML element?
IV. <7eleven>
(a) I and II
(b) II and III
(c) II and IV
(d) I only

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