Reignite your passion at Work.

It happens to everyone…Your energy levels, ideas, innovations and passions begin to fade in your career, work and life. When the passion fades, questions like ‘ What am I doing? Why am I here? Should I be doing something else with my life? ’ start resonating within you. You find little excitement or zero excitement in the work you do.

“Passion is energy” – Oprah Winfrey.passion at workThe strongest may survive. But, it is the passionate that will thrive. Passion transforms workplaces, powers champions and fuels winning teams.There are simple ways and means to revive and reawaken the passion and start loving your work all over again

  • You can re-evaluate yourself by questioning yourself about things that you are missing in your job, if you want more challenges, interactions, more varieties or may be a better boss. You can think and plan about all those changes that can excite and enthuse you in your job.
  • You can break the dull, mind numbing monotony in your work pattern. You can align your practices and patterns according to your existing, current career goals. You can learn and do something new and novel to reconnect yourself with your work.
  • You can give opportunities for your peers or subordinates to perform several tasks. By doing this, you are giving them a chance to grow and you are giving yourself some breathing space.
  • You can redefine your focus according to your changing skill sets, perspectives and perhaps a changed value emphasis.

“Success comes to those who dedicate everything to their passion” – A.R Rahman

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    • Rahul

      Co-op story mode is a must. Check out saints row. They make and einrte story using MY character. I dont care about playing darts with my friend. Nor do i wanna go bowling or anything like that. Coop has be be able to drop in and out.And let heaps heaps more than 15 people enter free roam.

    • Vidhya

      Thank you Rahul & Yerson. Proud that you are following us. Wherever we are, see to it that you are also there.

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