Shall We Tackle Our Workplace Issues?

Shall We Tackle Our Workplace Issues

After the oodles of pressures that we come across during our job hunt and interviews, we need to come across some initial days of stress and anxiety at our workplaces. As a fresher in the workplace, we are often torn by ambiguity, uncertainty, lack of confidence or zero confidence within us. But we should see to it that all these factors do not kill our spirit and enthusiasm. We should try to adapt and accustom ourselves to the new environment.

No college or no graduation can prepare anyone to the workplace atmosphere. An entry level employee’s inexperience may lead to a feeling of alienation and withdrawal. We do not know how to take up responsibilities, handle work pressure. We even do not know how to conduct ourselves in the office. Even a very simple negative feedback from the boss makes us to shatter and raises umpteen questions within us.

At such junctures, we can seek the crucial help of our colleagues. That will create a sea-change in us. In order to avoid getting stamped as ‘arrogant’, we should always put up a submissive front and highlight our willingness to learn and take role-plays.

Lack of experience do not let us see things in the perspectives of the organization. We should work on our communication skills and social skills as they play a key role in our overall development. A simple conflict in simple ideas may lead to verbal wars with our fellow employees.

‘Try to learn something about everything
And everything about something’ – Thomas Huxley

Every passing day is going to give us a learning experience. The first steps that a toddler takes is very important in life. Similarly, the initial probation period is very important for a fresher. Surviving this initial period is still more important.

Tips to shine in your probation period:

  • Be punctual and avoid taking leaves at least in the beginning days so that it would help to highlight you as a sincere employee.
  • Be more cautious during the initial months when we are closely monitored.
  • Do not over use the perks and privileges that the company provides.
  • Try to gel with the team. Team building not only increases our interaction but also contributes to the growth of the company.

A beginner should prove the competence and talent. We should be the ideal team member whom everyone wants to work with. We should select our mentor and accept the guidance to keep on developing our skills and motivations.

Once we start getting everyone’s recognition, we should befriend a veteran who would help us to learn and navigate things.

The main way to reduce stress in the workplace
Is by picking the right people’ – Jesse Schell

Communication is the gateway to many laurels. An open communication with anyone puts an end to any serious issues and solves even the toughest problems. We should try to highlight and put into practice the skills for which we are chosen for the job.

We Tackle Our Workplace Issues

Above all these… Hard work matters. The key to success is hard work and determination.

So, don’t wait… Work hard!!

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