7 Things to do After B.Tech

Yes, we all have gone through this. Seems a simple question, but difficult to find a way out for most of the students.” What to do After B.Tech ?“. With 10 lakh students graduating every year, the competition for any chosen field is very high. More than that you might be wondering things like what about my passion, interests etc.. if you have any. (It’s also okay, to be not passionate or have interests about anything). Since I have been through this road and seen the world, i think i might suggest you/ help you in finding your ways out. Here are some options to explore ( 7 Things to do After B.Tech ).

7 Things to do After B.Tech


1. Grab a Job.

Okay, may be you don’t know what interests you, you want to settle in you career as soon as possible, you don’t have any other options other than to do a job. Here is the good thing about doing a job right after your B.Tech you will gain/ get experience, knowledge, get exposure to many things like office cultures, new technologies, adjusting to new ways, meet some cool people, etc.., You will have countless benefits, if only you realize and put focus, energy into your Job or maybe along the way you could find what interests you.

So what are your options for doing a Job? Well you could attend campus placements in your colleges, Do career Oriented Courses in technologies like Java, .Net, Adobe etc.., and learn some cool stuff and get yourself job ready when opportunity presents( Opportunities can show up if you register yourself in Job Websites and going through them regularly, updating your profiles regularly, Or join a Institute which provides some Career options)

2. Going for M.Tech

Well if you are a bright student in your Engineering and you have interest in doing Research you can opt for doing M.Tech. You could prepare and apply for GATE Examinations. Depending on your score, you can choose your college (you could even get into IIT’s, IISC, NIT’s with a good score.). Once you are through M.Tech you could get into researching your field of choice or do a Ph.D , you could meet eminent scholars, professors, may be you could build something cool during your Research. The rewards are also very high (like a high salary, high social status) once you get into Research.

3. Doing MBA

You know from the beginning that you want to get into Business,or you have skills related to managing people, doing campaigns, doing events, speaking with people, etc.., Going for MBA is the right choice for you. There are entrance Exams like CAT, XAT, MAT, GMAT, etc.., which could get you into top notch MBA colleges. They make you a business professional. Please do not do MBA just for the sake of doing it. It’s going to be a huge investment of your time and money, if you have decided, go for it otherwise simply don’t go for it, at least that is the best thing you can do, instead you can do a Job and find out what interests you.

4. Government Jobs.

Needless to say there are many exams conducted by Central and State Governments each year, you can choose your field of choice and prepare for the Exam.But you should remember that there is going to be a huge competition for each post. Once you clear your exam, your prospects increase highly, you will get respect, your marriage prospects will increase, you are serving the society directly by interacting with the public daily, It’s like you are helping out the government in performing it’s duty. For Example you know how much respect IAS, IPS officers get and of course the great service they do for the country and the government.This could be your preferred choice if your are looking for a stable job and steady income.

5. MS or Go Abroad

It’s a wonderful option to explore the world, while learning. Once you decide for PG in engineering or management you can opt for GRE or GMAT. Additionally, you would also have to take the IELTS/TOEFL to demonstrate your proficiency in English. Most popular institutions prefer a score of above 6.5 in IELTS for admission and a score of 300 to 335 in GRE for admission into their courses. It gives you an opportunity to settle abroad, if any plans you have and you get jobs at international locations. You will get the overall picture of the world, and you will come to know about various cultures. These different skills set gives you an advantage in your job resume.

6. Doing Something for Society.

Do you know about a program called ‘SBI Youth Fellowship Program’ which gives opportunities for young graduates to work with NGOs for monthly stipend. There are many likewise programs wherein you could participate and make a difference to society. The benefits are amazing, you get to do what you like, build networks, interacting with local people, designing ways to solve their problems. You are on your own and you could make a difference.

7. Entrepreneurship / Doing things which interest you

Till now I have talked about traditional ways, which most of the people will follow. We are in a Digital Age, Entrepreneurship is no more a risky option, you can follow your heart and do something on your own with very few resources at your disposal, which wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago. You can pursue your interests like photography, painting, arts, writing, media, Music, Dance almost anything with very few resources. You can learn technologies with free online MOOC courses from websites like coursera, edx, learnsocial, etc.. You are your own limit.

Guys ! This is all I know. Let me know if you have anything to add, new trends which I don’t know, etc.., in the comments below.

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