Who is a good teacher??…

  • Teaching is a noble profession. Good teaching is just an art. It is craft that may grow with practice.
  • A student always remembers and cherishes a good teacher. Teachers and their teachings have long lasting impact on the lives of their students.
  • A good teacher should have vast knowledge about the subject he/she teaches. He should be thorough in the subject to meet out all the needs of the students.
  • Along with knowledge, a tutor should have the skills to teach and highlight his ideas. He should have the skills and methodologies to make his teaching engaging and interesting to hold the attention of the students in all discussions.
  • A good tutor with good classroom management skills and can ensure good student behaviour, effective study and work habits and sense of respect in the classroom.
  • Teacher should be encouraging, encouraging students to strive for their best level possible.
  • A great teacher is passionate about teaching and working together with students. They are excited about influencing students’ lives.
  • A fantastic teacher develops a strong bond with students and establishes long-lasting and trusting relationships.
  • A skilled tutor should make the community a better place. He should not be a mere teacher, he should be role model too.

who is a good teacher?
A good teacher is a Doctor who heals ignorance and an Artist who inspire creativity.
Excellent teaching is like a torch light which removes the darkness of ignorance. Effective teaching opens minds and souls and touches the hearts.

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