The crypto exchange outperformed every other market participant daily traded volume in just two years. It keeps coming up with new ideas and introducing more goods and services that help draw in more customers and activities. Currently, the company’s spot markets generate more than $15 billion in daily trading volume, and its futures, options, and margin trading products generate an additional $37 billion. The KYC and AML laws are among the most important international financial requirements platform must abide by because it is a centralized exchange. It implies that all users must submit binance verification to use the site. In this short article, we’ll go over how to complete your binance intermediate verification.

How can Intermediate verification be finished?

  1. To begin the procedure, go to the “Personal Verification” page and press the “Verify Now” button.
  2. To continue your verification process, choose one of the options for a government-issued document offered.
  3. Front and back images of the chosen document must upload. Binance then requests that you provide a selfie after that.
  4. Following the successful upload of your document photographs and selfie photos, Binance prompts you to perform a brief face recognition check using your webcam or a camera on one of your mobile devices.
  5. You are informed that your binance intermediate verification will review following the face recognition completion.


While it may take up to ten days for fiat deposit and withdrawal options to become available, other advantages of the Intermediate KYC level, such as increased crypto deposit and withdrawal limits, access to the Binance Card, and more, are immediately available.


Reasons why you should complete ID verification:


There are three good reasons to finish the ID verification process on Binance.

Three objectives get served by identity verification. As follows:

Increasing security measures :

ID verification can increase account security by limiting who can access and modify your personal information. It’s impossible to have credentials, such as your withdrawing bank account details, once you’ve gone through ID verification. The components you supply when adding a withdrawal method must match what is already in your account.

Compliance with international financial regulations:

Laws and regulations that boost financial security and reduce illegal conduct get implemented by financial regulators. KYC and AML provisions are the popular names for these. In most jurisdictions, centralized cryptocurrency exchanges must adhere to KYC and AML regulations. One method exchanges can adhere to these laws and regulations is by making ID verification a required event.

Unlock higher trading limits :

Most cryptocurrency trading platforms employ ID verification as a motivating factor to unlock trading limits. Even with the most minimal identification verification, it is still possible to transact on Binance, but most features are restricted. For instance, unverified accounts (those with Basic level verification) have a $ 300-lifetime fiat withdrawal cap and a daily value withdrawal cap of less than 2 BTC. Those trading restrictions are raised to $50K per day and $500K once the account has undergone Intermediate level (ID) verification and crypto withdrawals up to 100 BTC per day are authorized.