Cryptocurrency, a form of digital currency that uses cryptography for secure transactions and operates independently of a central bank, has become a hot topic in recent years. As the world of cryptocurrency continues to gain popularity and intrigue, it’s no surprise that the entertainment industry has taken notice. There has been a surge of movies and TV series that explore the fascinating world of cryptocurrency, delving into its technology, impact on society, and the individuals involved. Here, we present the top 20 movies and TV series about cryptocurrency.Movies:”The Rise of Bitcoin” (2014) – Directed by Nicholas Mross, this documentary takes an in-depth look at the origins and evolution of Bitcoin, the first and most well-known cryptocurrency. It explores the technology behind Bitcoin, the early adopters, and the challenges it faces.”Banking on Bitcoin” (2016) – Another documentary that delves into the history of Bitcoin, directed by Christopher Cannucciari. It explores the social and economic implications of Bitcoin, including its potential to disrupt the traditional financial system.”Crypto” (2019) – Starring Kurt Russell and Beau Knapp, this thriller follows a young anti-money laundering agent who returns to his hometown and gets caught up in a conspiracy involving cryptocurrency. It delves into the dark side of the crypto world, including money laundering and illegal activities.”The Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain” (2018) – Directed by Alex Winter, this documentary provides an in-depth exploration of blockchain, the underlying technology behind cryptocurrency. It delves into the potential applications of blockchain beyond cryptocurrency and its impact on various industries.”Silk Road” (2021) – Based on a true story, this crime thriller follows the rise and fall of the notorious dark web marketplace Silk Road, which used Bitcoin for its transactions. Starring Jason Clarke and Nick Robinson, it showcases the dark side of cryptocurrency, including illegal activities and the challenges of law enforcement.TV Series:”Mr. Robot” (2015-2019) – Created by Sam Esmail, this critically acclaimed TV series follows a young programmer who becomes involved in a complex conspiracy involving hacking, cybersecurity, and cryptocurrency. It delves into the dark and mysterious world of cryptocurrency, exploring its potential for both good and evil.”StartUp” (2016-2018) – This crime drama series centers around a group of tech entrepreneurs who create a new cryptocurrency with the intention of revolutionizing the financial system. It explores the challenges and ethical dilemmas they face as they navigate the world of cryptocurrency, including legal and moral issues.”CryptoTrader” (2018-2019) – This reality TV series follows a group of cryptocurrency traders as they navigate the volatile and fast-paced world of crypto trading. It provides insights into the strategies, risks, and rewards of cryptocurrency trading, and showcases the human emotions and drama involved.”Inside the Cryptokingdom” (2018) – This documentary TV series provides an in-depth look into the world of cryptocurrency, exploring the rise and fall of different cryptocurrencies, the impact on the global economy, and the people behind the scenes. It delves into the technological, economic, and social aspects of cryptocurrency.”Trust” (2018) – Directed by Danny Boyle, this limited TV series dramatizes the true story of the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III and the ransom demand that involves cryptocurrency. It explores the challenges of dealing with cryptocurrency in a high-stakes kidnapping case and its implications on the wealthy Getty family.Honorable Mentions:”Bitcoin Heist” (2016) – This Vietnamese action-comedy movie follows a group of tech-savvy criminals who plan to steal a largeamount of Bitcoin from a criminal mastermind. It combines elements of heist movies with the world of cryptocurrency, showcasing the creativity and ingenuity of the characters as they navigate the digital landscape.”The Bitcoin Experiment” (2016) – Directed by Torsten Hoffmann, this documentary explores the potential of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to disrupt the traditional financial system. It delves into the technological, economic, and social aspects of cryptocurrency, featuring interviews with industry experts and enthusiasts.”Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It” (2015) – This documentary directed by Torsten Hoffmann provides a historical and philosophical overview of the concept of money, and how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are challenging the traditional monetary system. It delves into the potential impact of cryptocurrencies on society and the global economy.”Crypto Rush” (2019) – This docuseries follows the lives of several cryptocurrency enthusiasts and entrepreneurs as they navigate the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency trading and investment. It provides insights into the challenges and opportunities in the crypto market, and the human stories behind the digital currency revolution.”Life on Bitcoin” (2017) – Directed by Austin and Beccy Craig, this documentary follows a newly married couple who decide to live solely on Bitcoin for 100 days, exploring the challenges and limitations of using cryptocurrency in their daily lives. It provides a unique perspective on the practical aspects of using cryptocurrency as a form of payment.In conclusion, the world of cryptocurrency has captured the attention of the entertainment industry, resulting in a plethora of movies and TV series that explore various aspects of this digital currency revolution. From documentaries that delve into the technology and impact of cryptocurrency, to dramas and thrillers that showcase the dark side of the crypto world, these movies and TV series provide intriguing insights into the world of cryptocurrency. Whether you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, a curious observer, or just a fan of thought-provoking entertainment, these top 20 movies and TV series about cryptocurrency are definitely worth checking out.